CAPE brings sustainable education to life through custom programs based in ecovillages – communities integrating ecological, economic, social and cultural dimensions of sustainability.

We work with your vision to create meaningful, transformative programs you can be proud to promote as your own!

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There is nowhere else in the world
that is even attempting to do what
people here are trying to do

Shev, India
This course, by far, was the best I have ever taken in all my 18 years of education. Every single moment of every single class, my eyes were further opened and my mind further blown by all the possibilities there are for the better life on this planet.
Natalie, Brazil
From the moment I arrived at the airport, I have been received with warmth and welcoming arms. The beauty of the environment perfectly compliments the vast amount of information and skills we are learning each day.
Melicia, Mexico
It was inspiring to listen to each member of my group talk about ways they were going to initiate change back home. I felt encouraged that at least there would be nine people returning to the US strongly committed to helping the Earth heal.
Laura, Scotland
I am so impressed by the way folks have put this course together.
It’s remarkably sane and balanced between work, rest, lecture, discussion and hands-in-the-dirt – and really inspiring
Joshua, USA

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