Here is our recommended timeline for program planning.
(We like to start at least a year prior to your proposed start date, but can also work with tighter schedules.)

Conceptualize Program

12-18 Months Before

Tell us your idea, either by phone or through our online form, and we will work with you to
answer the following questions:

  • What is your big-picture objective?  What do you want to accomplish?
  • What specific academic focus and components do you want?
  • What courses and credits will be offered, if any?
  • How involved do you (or other faculty) want to be?
  • When and for how long will the program run?
  • What location(s) and/or specific ecovillage(s) are you interested in?
  • What are your logistical needs (housing, classrooms, transportation)?
  • What price point do you feel comfortable offering to students?
  • What types of excursions & cultural activities do you want to include?
  • What is the internal approval process for programs at your institution?

Review Proposal

10-12 Months Before

Within four weeks of our initial brainstorm, CAPE will prepare a proposal detailing the host ecovillage(s), amenities, field trips, and support services to be included in your
per-student program cost.  We will introduce you to a local program coordinator and work with you to revise the proposal to ensure it meets your goals.

Confirm and Market Program

8-10 Months Before

Once you are satisfied with our custom program proposal and it is approved by your
institution and our on-site staff, we will draft a contract for your review.  You are now ready to start marketing the program with your institutional branding.  We can help if needed.

Finalize Enrollment

2.5 Months Before

In order to confirm reservations and make final preparations, student rosters are due
2.5 months prior to departure.  CAPE will also send an invoice at this time for the full cost
of the program, which is due six weeks prior to departure.

Home Stretch Preparations

0-2 Months Before

Getting close now!  CAPE will handle most administrative and logistical details so you
don’t have to.  Approximately two weeks prior to departure CAPE will send an electronic
information packet including travel logistics, maps, housing assignments, and emergency
contact numbers.

Run Program!

All CAPE programs have an on-site program coordinator dedicated to you and your
group throughout your program. They will assist you in managing logistics, student
issues, health and safety concerns. We are available 24/7 to support you.

Return Home

0-2 Weeks After

Given the depth of learning on CAPE programs, returning students often experience
some reverse culture shock.  We provide ample re-entry resources toward the end of
each program to support students integrating and building upon their experiences once
they return

Evaluate Program

1-2 Months After

Detailed assessments from all participants, staff, and faculty yield important quantitative
and qualitative data on what went well and what could be improved on the program.
If desired, this is also an ideal time to begin planning for the next program.