“Mother Earth” in Basque, Amalurra is a community project that was born in the early 90s as a “dream of coexistence and unity.”





Amalurra is a project of intentional communities located in Artzentales (Biscay), Caparacena (Andalusia) and Can Cases (Catalonia), Spain, which comprises some 150 people, including adults and children. The project was born in the 90’s in the Basque Country. Its origins are tinged by the contagious enthusiasm of its founder, Irene Goikolea. From the beginning, her community-based approach has marked Amalurra’s steps toward a global movement, in which collective values and the connection with nature constitute the pillars of a project that she has encouraged and directed.

The materialization of the first community was based on a process of inner work oriented to personal growth and aimed at contributing to the process of collective transformation in tune with other social movements that share the same goal. Amalurra has promoted a series of values that define them as a group of people with collective aspirations, committed to their familial, social, cultural and natural environment. They practice community decision-making and cooperation through personal relationships and common work objectives, by supporting mutual aid and conflict resolution, as well as service in favour of the common good.

Each family unit lives in their own apartment, while coexistence takes place in common spaces. The Amalurra resort (hotel, hostel, wood cabins, spa, body therapies parlors and cafeteria) serves as a platform for personal, familial and social cohesion, which is expressed in values such as solidarity, unity, sense of belonging and, especially, in the caring hospitality toward all the people that come to this place.

Their facilities welcome multicultural meetings, innovative proposals and initiatives for the sustainability of the Earth as well as other social projects committed to peace, transformation and the awakening of consciousness. The meeting point of different beliefs, cultures and idiosyncrasies is encouraged through exhibitions, congresses, gatherings, workshops, etc.

Amalurra’s vision for the future includes several proposals (water management, agricultural projects, school of life) focused on the creation of a physical and economical balanced system, in which volunteers and young people can participate while preparing and training themselves for their future.