Nestled in the hills near Cape Coast, Ghana, Unity Ecovillage promotes peace and understanding through cultural immersion and service learning in green building and sustainable farming methods.








Unity offers visitors the opportunity to learn about indigenous African culture, experience community life in a traditional village, and make a positive impact. The mission of Unity Ecovillage is to promote peace and understanding through cultural immersion programs that integrate workshops, field research, lectures, and service learning. Our ten-acre campus, including visitor accommodations, artisan workshops, amphitheater, conference hall and an organic farm, reflect Unity’s commitment to ecological sustainability.

Service Learning:
Unity provides a broad range of opportunities for groups to engage in sustainable development projects. Working with Unity’s team of expert staff, program participants collaborate with the leaders of vulnerable communities on the design and implementation of projects. The goal is to provide communities with the knowledge, skills and tools to needed increase their resiliency by creating wealth and employment opportunities, halting environmental degradation, and increasing agricultural productivity.

Arts and Culture:
Learn about Ghana’s rich culture through workshops in drumming, dancing, batik, and glass bead making from our faculty of internationally renowned artisans. Formal instruction is enhanced through participation in ceremonial occasions in the surrounding area, featuring the traditional arts. These include life-cycle events (naming ceremonies, weddings, funerals, etc), religious ceremonies, and festivals.

Sustainable Agriculture, Poverty Alleviation & Climate Resiliency:
Participants learn how to grow food using Grow Biointensive methods. Workshops introduce the principles and techniques of composting, seed propagation, companion planting, and more. Critical issues such as food sovereignty, climate change, and international food aid are also addressed.

Unity Ecovillage is an internationally-recognized training center and regional hub in the Pan-African Ecovillage Development Programme.