Whether your ideasĀ are loose or fully formed, we will work with you to develop and deliver a custom program that meets your goals.

  • From just a drive away to the other side of the globe…
  • From traditional academics to internships and service-based opportunities…
  • From rural indigenous villages to modern international communities…
  • From a 3-day excursion to a 3-week, semester, winter-break, or even a year-long program…
  • From minimal support to developing a full program from soup to nuts…
  • We can also deliver online programs on sustainable community development.

The end result is always a program you can be proud to promote as your own!

Sample Course Topics

  • Ecological Design of Sustainable Communities
  • Local Solutions to Global Warming
  • Ecotourism and the Global Ecovillage Network
  • Environmental Ethics and Social Justice
  • Systems Thinking and Holistic Worldviews
  • Green Building and Renewable Energy
  • Local Economies and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and Education in Community
  • Indigenous Wisdom and Holistic Health Practices
  • Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture
  • Right Livelihood and Voluntary Simplicity
  • Conflict Facilitation and Decision Making
  • Performing Arts and Celebration
  • Ecology and Conservation Biology
  • Career Development in a Post-Carbon World
  • Gender Studies and Anthropology of Community
  • Personal Growth and Transformation

… and more!