Five Ways to Help Students Learn about Sustainability while Abroad (2/4)

How can studying abroad help develop “global citizens” – leaders who have a sense of belonging and responsibility both with the peoples of the Earth and with the Earth itself? In my last post about program design and management I shared about my work with The Forum on

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Five Ways to Design Sustainable Study Abroad Programs (1/4)

Contrary to popular opinion, I believe studying abroad – anywhere – promotes sustainability. But we need to go further. Given the reality of climate change, social inequity and other global issues, I believe all study abroad programs, not just those with a sustainability focus like those developed by CAPE, need to adopt higher

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Five Reasons Studying Abroad Promotes Sustainability

On the surface, “studying abroad” and “sustainability” seem to be on opposite poles. After all, how can you be green when you’re flying all over the world? It’s true, the environmental impact of air travel is significant and there are many actions study abroad programs

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